The Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill passed its Second Reading in House of Lords.

We now have a comment from Lord Black of Brentwood as well as Save The Asian Elephants CEO Duncan McNair.

This Bill is amongst the most important animal-related bills ever in the UK, protecting millions of endangered animals worldwide.

Lord Black of Brentwood comments:

“Cruelty to animals is an abhorrence. While we have an excellent record on animal welfare in the UK, many animals abroad suffer unbelievable cruelty in the name of so-called ‘entertainment tourism.’ Asian elephants, dolphins, big cats and many other species are often subjected to barbaric, degrading treatment to turn them into submissive visitor attractions. We have it in our power to change things by closing down the marketing and advertising market here in the UK on which so much ‘entertainment tourism’ is based – selling holidays to unsuspecting tourists who are completely unaware of the horrors that gracious and proud animals go through to become a ‘visitor attraction’. I am proud to have introduced this Bill in the Lords and to be sponsoring it- a world first, supported by so many charities – into the Lords as part of the continuing battle against animal cruelty.”

Duncan McNair CEO of Save The Asian Elephants comments:

“The Bill represents an historic opportunity to start reversing a global tragedy perpetrated by mankind upon the animal kingdom.

It has had a successful Second Reading in the Lords, having passed without division or amendment through every stage of the elected House of Commons. It now goes to Committee Stage in the Lords, also crucial.

The Bill needs to reach the statute book as soon as possible, without distractions or delays.

Backed now by far over 90% of Britons, the Bill aims to turn back the tide of brutal overseas animal-related tourism that threatens the survival of the world’s most iconic species – elephants, apes, big cats, bears, dolphins, ostriches and exotic birds as well as vulnerable horses, donkeys and many others. All are being exploited, harmed and killed across the world for tourism profits. ..