Paw-sitive vibes incoming as ‘Therapets’ head to Montrose Museum

Visitors to Montrose Museum can enjoy a cuddle with the help of some furry friends – Therapets.

Therapets are entirely voluntary and involves registered dogs – and their owners – visiting a range of settings including hospitals, schools and other institutions on a regular basis to provide “pet therapy”, bringing friendship and companionship to everyone they encounter.

Several studies have proven that pet therapy is beneficial and can have a range of health benefits, including promoting social interactions and behaviour, increased emotional comfort and physiological factors such as reduced blood pressure and heart rate.

With the end of the school summer holidays just around the corner and the stresses that this brings parents and pupils alike, this is the perfect opportunity to unwind and chill out with some loveable dogs. The event is free and open to everyone.

Susan Curran Heritage Learning & Engagement Lead from ANGUSalive said “We are so pleased these beautiful dogs will be visiting us. Although our Museums are a hub for history and culture, they are now also a place to welcome four-legged friend, having now become a dog friendly environment. This is an event that we think will go down really well with our visitors and local community, we can’t wait to welcome them on the day.”

Therapets will be at Montrose Museum on Wednesday 9 August from 2pm to 3pm.