NHS Tayside – Help us get your loved ones home without delay

NHS Tayside is encouraging patients and the public to take some small steps to help people get home from hospital as soon as they are well enough.
Dr Andy Reddick, Emergency Medicine consultant and Clinical Service Director for Winter, said, “We’re starting to see a reduction in the levels of flu, COVID and other viruses in the community, but our hospitals, GPs and out-of-hours service remain very busy so we still need your support to ensure we keep providing the best possible care and treatment to everyone who needs it.
“When people need admitted to hospital, it’s important that we ensure they get back home as soon as they are well enough. Spending longer than necessary in hospital can contribute to a loss of independence, particularly in frail, older people. And we need to make sure that our beds are available for people who are acutely unwell.
“As part of our ‘Discharge Without Delay’ programme, we aim to discharge patients as soon as they are well enough, and this may be with community care and rehabilitation services to support them at home.
“If you are admitted to hospital, we will start planning your discharge with you and your family or carer early in your stay which gives you, and your health and social care teams, time to put in place any support you may need.
“If you have a loved one, friend or neighbour in hospital and they are ready to return home, there are some simple things you can do to help. Collecting them and getting them safely home is a great help, as it means the ambulance patient transfer service can focus on more urgent journeys. The earlier in the day you can pick them up also gives the ward staff more time to make arrangements for the next patient to be admitted.
“Also, make sure the person’s heating is on, their cupboards are stocked with food and other essentials and they have all the medication they need.
“Of course, if this isn’t possible, we will ensure there is a plan in place to support you.
“A safe discharge which enables you to return to live independently in your own home is the best outcome for us all so we need everyone to work with us to achieve this.”