Don’t let the party turn sour – stay safe this festive season!

As the Christmas party season gets into full swing, NHS Tayside is reminding people to make sure they stay safe over the festive period.

Many people across Tayside will be out and about over the next few weeks at Christmas and New Year parties and nights out, and it will be the first time without any COVID-19 restrictions since before the pandemic.

Consultant in Emergency Medicine Dr Andrew Reddick said, “We hope everyone will be able to enjoy some socialising over the holiday season but in amongst all the fun and festivities it’s important to take extra care when out and about at this time of year.

“When heading out in colder temperatures it’s best to wear several thin layers to help keep warm or at least a coat, hat and gloves which can be taken off when inside. You may be warm indoors but when moving between places or heading home for the night, you could be outside in the cold for longer than you planned. Remember to wrap up warm and make sure you organise transport to get home at the end of the night.

“Take extra care if you are walking in high heeled shoes and drinking alcohol, and remember to try walking like a penguin to avoid slips and trips on icy streets.

“Alcohol can inhibit your awareness of the cold and this can lead to accidents and potential hypothermia. Be aware of how much you are drinking and also try having some soft drinks throughout the night. It’s also important that you don’t drive until you are certain you have no alcohol left in your body, you can still be over the limit the following day so please don’t risk it.”

With illnesses like flu, norovirus and COVID-19 already circulating, it is also important to protect yourself and others against these viruses.

Director of Public Health Dr Emma Fletcher said, “Viruses spread more easily in the winter so make sure you do all you can to minimise the risk of catching and spreading illness. Get your winter vaccinations if eligible, socialise in well-ventilated spaces where possible, wear a face covering in crowded places and on public transport, and wash your hands and clean surfaces regularly.

“Remember, if you are feeling unwell please stay at home and don’t risk passing on illness to your friends, family and colleagues.”

You can get more information and advice on staying well this winter at or by following @NHSTayside on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.