Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland Urges Scots to Seek Urgent Medical Attention for Cardiac and Stroke Events

Scotland’s leading health charity, Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland is urging people across the country to continue to seek urgent medical attention should they experience the symptoms of heart attack or stroke.

Latest Scottish figures show that 9352 people experienced a stroke, and 11384 had a heart attack in 2020/21.

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland is urging people to think FAST if they suspect they or a someone they are with could be having a stroke.

Think FAST is a simple way to recognise the signs of a stroke:

FACE – Can the person smile, does one side of their face droop?

ARM – Can they lift both arms? Is one weak?

SPEECH – Is their speech slurred or muddled?

TIME – If ANY ONE of these signs or symptoms are present, call 999.

Symptoms of cardiac arrest include central chest pain, pain radiating down the left arm or both arms, pain radiating into the jaw, back or stomach, breathlessness, nausea, and sweating.
Amy Small, GP and Clinical Advisor to the charity said: “We understand that during the current NHS crisis, people may think twice before ringing 999 or visiting their local A&E Department. However, we want to remind everyone that
heart attacks and stroke are extremely serious medical events that require urgent treatment, therefore anyone experiencing any associated symptoms should seek urgent medical care.”

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