Call for Youth in Scotland. Ambassador role in literacy org

Call for Youth in Scotland. Ambassador role in literacy org

Registrations are now open from today for young people in Scotland to be a local Youth Ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation.

Young people can apply online for the 4-month youth leadership development initiative to support and advocate literacy in their local community.

Rebecca Aldred, Youth Ambassador Program Coordinator, said we are looking for young people who aspire to be a “Change Makers” in Scotland.

Each young person will join a global community of other Youth Ambassadors to develop their leadership skills, learn about literacy, fundraise, and make a positive impact in their region.

The young person will undertake 5 training modules, learn about the topic and raise funds to address illiteracy.

Ms Aldred said “It’s a perfect opportunity for inspiring young people to take action, develop leadership skills, be a voice in their community, and connect with young people who are eager to make a social impact.”

“Nearly 61% of children from disadvantaged homes in Scotland don’t own a single book and face lifelong poverty if something isn’t done, I don’t think that is a figure we should accept and our Youth Ambassadors can help change this”, said Ms Aldred.

Through this program, young people who join can support education and literacy in their local community and be connected to young people worldwide.

Visit to apply.

About The Youth Ambassadors program and World Literacy Foundation

The Youth Ambassadors program has its objectives: to develop a group of young people who have a strong sense of global citizenship and give back to their local community. As “change makers” the young people will gain an awareness of literacy issues and develop leadership skills.

At the World Literacy Foundation, we promote mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration among people around the world and provide them an opportunity to participate in an experiential learning program, leadership training, community civic engagement, mentorship by community, business, and NGO leaders, and volunteering.

The World Literacy Foundation is a peak not-for-profit charity striving to eradicate illiteracy by 2040. In the UK, 9 million people struggle to read a sentence and are considered to be functionally illiterate.

We work in 52 countries and reach 500 million people each year. 770 million people on the globe are illiterate. A further 2 billion people struggle to read a sentence.

The economic and social cost of illiteracy is estimated at £36 Billion in the UK per year.