Angus Talking Newspaper Association requires volunteers

Help!! Volunteers needed.
A charitable organisation run entirely by volunteers, Angus Talking Newspaper Association produces recordings of local news for blind and partially sighted people throughout Angus.
We need 2-3 people with basic computer skills to meet with our volunteer readers once a month to record the readings using a laptop running Audacity recording software, then to edit and finalise the recordings and transfer them to CD and USB stick. These are then sent to our base in Brechin where other volunteers duplicate them for distribution to our listeners. Ideally, we are looking for 2 people in the Arbroath area and one in the Brechin area who would be able to meet for an hour or two on a Monday morning each month (or less frequently if we get 3 volunteers) to do the recordings, then do the editing and finishing at home. Each volunteer will be provided with a laptop, microphone etc and instruction on the procedure. If you have time to do some volunteering this is a very satisfying and worthwhile way to do so.
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