Angus Council – Rest centres to open due to severe weather

Rest Centres are open and available to residents of homes at greatest risk due to the continuing severe weather.

Severe Flood Warnings have been issued by SEPA for Brechin and Finavon and Tannadice. As a result, Angus Council, ANGUSalive and partner agencies have opened rest centres at Brechin Community Campus and Angus House, Forfar, to residents from these areas.

While flood prevention measures are in place and working at present, this decision has been taken as a result of extensive flooding in these areas so far and based on information provided by SEPA as bad weather continues and river levels rise.

Police officers are going door to door in the severe flood warning areas to advise residents to evacuate and that their properties may be at risk.

People may prefer the option of staying with family or friends, but we want them to know that the rest centres are available to them until water levels fall to safer levels.

Tayside Contracts are assisting to provide food and drink at Brechin Community Campus and Angus House and both centres will remain open, staffed and available until further notice.

Brechin Community Campus will remain closed to other users on Saturday (19 Nov) while other ANGUSalive venues will be open as usual.

With assistance from volunteers (including Tayside 4×4), transport can also be provided for anyone who is otherwise unable to reach a rest centre. This can be coordinated though Police Scotland officer if they call at a resident’s address or by calling Angus Council on 07341096613. This number must not be used for any other purpose.

If you are coming to one of the rest centres, please pack any medications or specific foods you may require, bring warm clothes and a change of clothes. You need to prepare to stay overnight.

Pets are welcome but please bring any food that they may require and keep them under control at all times.

When you arrive at a rest centre, you will be asked to sign in and given a wristband so we know is in the building. Please also advise the centre manager of any dietary requirements or allergies you have.

There is more information on the severe weather on Angus Council’s Weather Watch page