The new “Netflix for seniors” that can help reduce loneliness & spark memories 


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        Living Memories Online offers access to hundreds of hours of archive films and newsreels from the 20th Century… 

        “Netflix for Seniors” can help older people stuck at home to step back in time, triggering memories and reducing feelings of isolation

        Also helpful for people living with dementia or in residential care to bring back memories and encourage reminiscence with families, friends and carers

        “When I watch these films and chat about them they make me feel younger again”, says 84 year old Noelle Ingham

With millions of vulnerable elderly people stuck at home and with limited social contact, a new online service could offer them a valuable lifeline.

Dubbed “Netflix for Seniors”, Living Memories Online brings memories back to life through archive films and newsreels from the 20th Century capturing everyday life at home and work as well as important national events.

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