Things are not always as they seem. Obvious, perhaps, yet OVER LUNAN sheds light on some

of the hidden connections between Lunan and places far afield, in both time and space…

In 2015 the journalist Charlie Ross spent a summer in Lunan Bay, investigating the area’s

history and mythology, and the natural forces that have shaped this coast through millennia. He

died before his work was complete – but his discoveries, including Lunan’s connection to the

ancient cultures of the Middle East, are now brought to life posthumously in a new radio piece,

produced by Steve Urquhart and directed by Purni Morell, with music and sound design by

Andrew Knight-Hill.

OVER LUNAN is an Aproxima Arts production for Radio North Angus to be broadcast on the

Cereal Sounds prpgramme on  Monday 6 September at 8.00am and on the Lunch and Listen

programme on Wednesday 8 September at 12.15pm on 107.5FM, 105.9FM, 96.6FM, 87.7FM,

on the Tayside DAB Voluntary Access channel, and streamed at www.radionorthangus.co.uk

with an app facility.

It can also be heard on demand, via https://www.aproxima.co.uk/over-lunan

From 9 – 19 September 2021, a live performance in the dunes at Lunan Bay complements

Charlie’s radio work and commemorates his discoveries. The performance is now sold out.

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