NHS Tayside Reminder – GP Practices remain open


NHS Tayside Associate Medical Director would like to remind the public that GP Practices across Tayside remain open during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Jane Bruce, Associate Medical Director for Primary Care with NHS Tayside said, “I would like to remind the public that GP Practices across Tayside remain open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm as usual at this time. GP Practices are continuing to see their registered patients, so for those who have a health issue it is important to know that they can still access GP services. However patients are reminded that they must telephone their surgery in the first instance. 

“Patients continue to have concerns about their health that are not COVID-19 related. What we do not want is for people to ignore symptoms which could develop into serious conditions because they don’t want to enter a medical setting for fear of contracting COVID-19. 

“By introducing changes to way that people access GP services, patients should be reassured that if they do need to attend their medical practice, then they can safely do so.

“After calling their surgery, a patient will have an initial telephone discussion regarding their non-COVID health concerns in order to ensure safe practice at this time. If an appointment is required one will be arranged at an appropriate time.

“It is very important that all patients with COVID-19 symptoms do not attend their local surgery, they should at all times call 111 and if they need a consultation one will be arranged at an appropriate location.”

Dr Bruce also reassured parents and carers that surgeries are still open to see children.

Dr Bruce added, “In a similar way to accessing adult health care, parents and carers should also phone their own GP Practice if they have any concerns regarding their child’s health as there are no walk-in appointments. It is important to have a discussion with practice staff as this will help differentiate between a COVID and non-COVID problem, and staff will be able to direct a child to the most appropriate places to be seen.

“Parents should be absolutely assured that all children will be seen as necessary in the most appropriate locations.“Parents and carers are reminded that if they are concerned about their child’s health at any point, they should react as they would have done before the COVID pandemic. If simple measures are not effective, or you have significant concerns please seek advice and help, either from your GP surgery in hours if you think the issue is non-COVID, or by calling 111 if concerned regarding COVID-19. Call 111 for both COVID and non-COVID concerns in the Out of Hours periods.”

For the latest health information please visit http://nhsinform.scot/coronavirus

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