NHS Tayside – Level 4 Hospital Visiting Arrangements


From Boxing Day, when all of Scotland moves into Level 4 of the Scottish Government’s coronavirus restrictions system, visiting in hospitals across Tayside will be restricted to essential visits only. This is to limit the spread of coronavirus and to protect vulnerable patients. 

On Christmas Day, current visiting arrangements will remain in place in hospitals across Tayside:  

  • Level 3: Dundee and Perth and Kinross – hospital visiting is limited to essential visits only.  
  • Level 2: Angus – patients in hospitals can receive a designated visitor if it is safe to do so.  

From Boxing Day, when all of Tayside will be in Level 4: 

  • Visiting in all hospitals will be restricted to essential visits only 
  • Visiting can continue in specific circumstances, for example to support patients receiving end-of-life care or to support someone with a mental health issue such as dementia, a learning disability or autism where not being present would cause the patient to be distressed.  
  • Pregnant women are allowed one designated visitor to accompany them to scans and antenatal appointments and to accompany them in labour.  

NHS Tayside’s Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Claire Pearce, said, “We understand that not being able to visit family members whilst they are in hospital over Christmas is distressing for many people.  

“However, with the virus continuing to circulate widely in our communities, it is vital that we follow Scottish Government guidance on hospital visiting and keep our patients, staff and the public safe.  

“We’ll continue to offer virtual visiting for patients using telephones, tablets and laptops to allow people to keep in touch with their loved ones.”   

=Anyone with a question about visiting should contact the senior charge nurse in the ward to discuss their individual situation.  

Patients should continue to attend hospital for outpatient clinic appointments and for planned procedures. However if you have an appointment at one of our clinics or departments, please attend alone. The exception to this is for children and vulnerable adults, who can be accompanied by one person. 

Arrangements for children and maternity services: 

  • Tayside Children’s Hospital – one parent can visit with another nominated person allowed to visit separately 
  • Maternity services –  
  • Pregnant women may identify one designated visitor to accompany them to scans and antenatal appointments
  • Pregnant women may identify one designated visitor/birth partner to accompany them in labour
  • Pregnant women may identify one designated visitor to visit on the postnatal ward
  • Designated visitors should be the same person throughout your pregnancy journey and stay 
  • No children should be brought to appointments, labour or postnatal areas
  • In neonatal units, baby’s mother and one other nominated visitor will be allowed 
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