NHS Tayside – changes to Podiatry Services

NHS Tayside’s podiatry service is advising of changes to how people can access foot care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In line with national guidance, the podiatry service can currently only provide urgent and critical care to patients who have foot wounds and to those at risk of tissue breakdown.  All non-urgent and non-essential treatments have been postponed until further notice.

Anyone registered with the NHS Tayside podiatry service who requires urgent attention should contact their local podiatry administration office by phone.  Their call will be triaged by a podiatrist who can give advice or refer for treatment as appropriate.

This change means that podiatrists can continue to provide care and support in the community to those most in need and help prevent unnecessary admission to hospital.

NHS Tayside podiatry lead Lynn Baird said, “Good foot care during this time is still important. Well cared-for feet can improve comfort, mobility and independence and have a positive impact on a person’s overall health and quality of life. Having a bit more time on our hands gives everyone the perfect opportunity for good personal foot care to become part of their daily routine.”

Information and some short films about personal foot care can be found on the website www.lookafteryourfeet.info

The following links also contain some useful advice and tips to help people maintain their own foot care, or that of someone they care for, whilst waiting for their next routine podiatry appointment. The podiatry service will contact all patients with a follow-up appointment once normal service is restored.



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