NHS Tayside advises – stay with guidance on Covid 19


Following the announcement that Angus and Perth & Kinross will join Dundee in Level 3 of the Scottish Government’s coronavirus restrictions system from 6am Friday, 13 November it is now more important than ever that people across Tayside Stick With It.  

Dr Emma Fletcher, NHS Tayside’s Director of Public Health, said, “The extra restrictions announced today across all areas of Tayside are vital to stopping the infection spreading further. We really need everyone to really do their part to make sure we all follow the rules.  

“We are already seeing an encouraging improvement in Dundee’s position since the Level 3 measures came in last week and we are hopeful that we will see similar results across Tayside over the coming weeks.  

“Our priority is to reduce the direct impact of the virus on our health, to reduce the number of people who will experience long-term effects from the infection and to save lives. If we can suppress the virus, our other health and social care services can also continue.  

“Please follow the FACTS rules, keep to physical distancing at all times and do not visit each other’s houses.”  

NHS Tayside Medical Director, Professor Peter Stonebridge said, “I would like to reassure people that health services are open for business despite the new restrictions in place in Tayside.  

“Essential travel for health is permitted under the new regulations and our staff are ready to care for the people of Tayside. Please attend hospital and other health appointments as usual.  

“However if you have an appointment at one of our clinics or departments, please attend alone. The exception to this is for children and vulnerable adults, who can be accompanied by one person.”  NHS Tayside, Local Authorities, Police Scotland and all other partners in Tayside will continue to work closely together to support the public to follow the new guidance in each area to limit the spread of the virus. 

Remember the FACTS guidance: 


F – Face coverings. These should be used in shops and on public transport (buses, trains and taxis)

A – Avoid crowded places

C – Clean your hands frequently, using water and soap whenever possible

T – Two metres – observe physical distancing

S – Self-isolate and book a test if you are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms


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