New Cystic Fibrosis Service

Cystic Fibrosis support comes to Tayside

 A new service to support people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families is to begin in Tayside. Established charity The Leanne Fund is expanding its service to bring practical and emotional support, treats, complementary therapies and a positive attitude to people living with the life-long condition, which currently affects 53 adults and 18 children in the Tayside region.

The Leanne Fund was founded in the Isle of Lewis in 2010 by the family of the late Leanne Mitchell, who passed away at the age of 21. Working with a group of Western Isles supporters they set out to give real and practical help to those affected by Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  Their personal experience of treatment and available health services helped them to understand the very specific needs of CF patients and their families. 

The Leanne Fund will now provide support in Angus, the City of Dundee, Perth and Kinross.

As well as expanding their service coast-to-coast across the largest part of Scotland, the funding will allow a new post to be created. Development manager Chrisetta Mitchell will be joined by an administrative assistant, freeing her time to develop personal relationships with CF patients across Tayside and to discover what support they need.

“My own workload has not so far allowed the additional time for this expansion, but an additional member of staff will deal with duties such as organising our own fundraising events, admin and secretarial support. This will free up a significant portion of time, in which the great successes we’ve seen in growing the work of The Leanne Fund can progress into Tayside, as we have seen in other NHS regions. 

“Cystic Fibrosis is a life-limiting, progressive disease and the burden of treatment and permanent presence of symptoms can be very stressful. We focus on creating services which meet the needs of individuals, because no two patients are exactly the same, and on creating happy memories now to last a lifetime.

“Our aim is to help children and young people affected by CF and their families have access to services and funds that make life a little easier. We can’t wait to offer that service in Tayside.”

Patients and families will have a range of existing services to choose from. Pamper Hampers offer mood-lifting snacks and toiletries to patients undergoing lengthy hospital admissions, while complementary therapies such as massage help patients feel better about treatment, reducing the stress for families and carers too.

The Get Active programme supports people with CF as they pursue physical activity which improves both health and wellbeing. Gym memberships, sports equipment and dedicated fitness programmes are among the benefits that have already been offered elsewhere in Scotland.

On the Move is a service which supports young people making the move to independent living, offering practical solutions to the issues that arise when going away for work, college or university. That might include living arrangements such as a fridge to store medication, or other specialist living facilities – but can also include mentoring and befriending to help CF patients feel better supported during their first weeks away from home.

Counselling is also to be offered to patients, families and carers, helping them cope better with issues that can arise as a result of CF.  This service helps relieve the financial burden and can be called on at any point during the CF journey.

The service delivery in Tayside is scheduled to begin on November 4th

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