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Joint Advertising on Mearns FM & Radio North Angus

Who are we?

Mearns FM and Radio North Angus are voluntary sub-regional independent local radio stations broadcasting purely localised programming across a wide area. The FM coverage area extends from Monifieth, to the east of Dundee, to Portlethen, south of Aberdeen, utilising 10 transmitters across a 70 mile stretch of the East Coast of Scotland, whilst the Digital transmissions, during mornings and more extensively at weekends, includes Tayside and North Fife. The FM area includes a population of 90,000, with Digital including 400,000. Being entirely voluntary, and enjoying cost-free accommodation, the stations are distinctly different from larger independent radio as operational costs are much lower. The programme formats reflect the needs of the population by having programming aimed at the very young, to the very old as opposed to principally the 15 to 34 age group adopted by larger stations. Programme length ranges from one to four hours, thus ensuring a rapid change of presentation styles and music genres in the course of each day, which differs from the independent radio norm of four hourly programming. Both stations are dedicated to their communities by promoting health and welfare, education, voluntary organisations, and their respective local economies. Please visit our websites at: and, facebooks “Mearns FM” and “Radio North Angus”


Our low operational costs allow us to offer the lowest joint advertising rates in British independent local radio.

Advertising is for one, two or three month periods, but can be extended to twelve months, if desirable. We can offer the following packages for seven days per week between the hours of 7.30am to 10.00pm: 1. 10 adverts per day (5 per station) for one month i.e. 310 adverts for £500 (£1.61p per advert). 2. 16 adverts per day (8 per station) for two months i.e 992 adverts for £750 (£375 per month, 76p per advert). 3. 20 adverts per day (10 per station) for three months i.e 1860 adverts for £1000 (£333 per month, 54p per advert).

We are not registered for VAT, so there is no on-cost. We hope that these options will be favourable, and can quote for time sponsorship, or advertising on separate stations if preferred, our websites being: and, facebooks “Mearns FM” and “Radio North Angus”

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