Dr Emma Fletcher, Director of Public Health with NHS Tayside, is asking the people of Tayside to ‘Stick With It’ and keep following coronavirus restrictions in a social media campaign.

The campaign has been developed to reflect and amplify the national message to Stick With It Scotland across our local communities.  

Dr Fletcher is leading the campaign and has already shared short video messages on social media encouraging people to continue to follow restrictions, outlining why it is so important and the difference it will make to everyone across Tayside. Weekly videos from Dr Fletcher will keep the public informed and reflect on the latest data about the virus in Tayside.  

A key part of the campaign is a social media call to action from a range of community ambassadors from agencies in the Tayside Resilience Partnership including Tayside’s three local authorities, local colleges and universities and Police Scotland. Local football teams are also lending their voices and support to the campaign.  

Local people who have been infected with the virus, including a student at Abertay University, a patient who was treated in ICU and a respiratory consultant from Ninewells have also recorded video messages to share their real life experience of COVID-19 and describe the lasting impact it has had on their lives.  

Dr Fletcher said, “I know everyone is really fed up of continually being told what they can’t do and having to follow rules and restrictions which are affecting all of our lives. We hope that the Stick With It Tayside campaign will encourage people to follow the guidance because the only way we will beat the virus is by us all working together.  

“We are starting to see the number of people infected with the virus come down across Tayside and we are grateful to all of you for playing you part in achieving this, thank you.  

“Alongside national colleagues, we are keeping the restrictions under very close review and will support movement down the levels when it is safe to do so.  

“The vaccine is excellent news. It will take several months for this to be rolled out to everyone in the population, so in the meantime we just really need everyone to stick with it for a bit longer.”  

In her video message to the people of Tayside, Abertay University student Evie says she was admitted to hospital with COVID complications and is still experiencing symptoms eight months after contracting the virus. She said, “I’ve never been so ill in my life. The house parties aren’t worth it if you end up sick, but also you need to think of other people who could end up really ill. Please continue to wear your mask and stay socially distant. Just stick with it.”  

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