Destination Tayside – where to get the right care


NHS Tayside is launching a new campaign to help patients access the right care at the right place. 

The Destination Tayside campaign has launched with the release of an animation that helps patients choose the best place to go for the treatment they need.  

Around one in four people who visit emergency departments could receive more appropriate treatment in a different location or service, such as their own GP, at a local pharmacy, or at a local minor injury and illness unit. 

Dr Ron Cook, Emergency Medicine Consultantsaid,  “Members of the public have always recognised that our Emergency Departments are for those with genuine emergencies, however, they are not always aware of what alternatives are out there, especially when their own GP is closed. 

“There are many alternatives to Emergency Departments and going directly to the person with the most appropriate skills is important. This can help people to get the right healthcare professional first time and can result in a speedier recovery.  

“Our new video helps our patients find the right place to receive the care they need. It would really, really help us if people watch this video and know where they should go. It could really help them in the future.”   

You can watch the video here.  

For more information on accessing all the different kinds of services and care please visit the NHS Tayside website at 



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