Changes to Maternity Unit Visiting Arrangements

To limit the spread of COVID-19, further changes have been made to maternity visiting arrangements in Tayside.  

    Maternity services visiting arrangements are:  

  • Pregnant women may identify one designated visitor to accompany them to their 12 and 20 week scans.
  • If pregnant women cannot attend their antenatal appointments alone, then they should only bring one support person.
  • Pregnant women may identify one designated visitor/birth partner to accompany them in labour.
  • Pregnant women may identify one designated visitor to visit on the postnatal ward. Visiting times are now between 1pm-6pm.
  • Designated visitors should be the same person throughout each pregnancy journey and stay.
  • No children should be brought to appointments, labour or postnatal areas.  
  • In neonatal units, baby’s mother and one other nominated visitor will be allowed.  

This guidance is for all sites within NHS Tayside maternity services.  

Interim Chief Midwife, Lesley Sharkey, said, “We ask that women and all support people wear face coverings, wash their hands regularly and if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 they must not to attend their appointment.  

“If there is a reason yourself or your designated support person cannot wear a face covering please discuss this with your midwife prior to your appointment or hospital stay.  

“We ask that you do not arrive for your scan or appointment more than five minutes before your allocated time. This is to reduce the number of people in waiting rooms. If the waiting room is busy we will ask you to return to the department at a given time.  

“Changes have been made to our visiting times, however, if the midwife in charge of the shift assesses that there are too many visitors in one area, then people will be asked to leave for a period of time.  

“We understand that these changes may not be easy for some people and we want to thank everyone again for their co-operation as we make changes to the maternity services. Our main priority is to maintain the safety of women, their families and our staff.”  

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