Appeal for Volunteers for Covid 19 Vaccine Trials


Tayside residents are being invited to register their interest in taking part in local COVID-19 vaccine trials by signing up to the UK COVID-19 vaccine registry.  

There are a number of COVID-19 vaccines currently being identified and safety tested.  Researchers are looking for people from all backgrounds, ages and parts of the UK, including individuals with or without existing health conditions, to take part in studies to make sure that any vaccines developed will work across a whole population.  

The NHS COVID-19 vaccine research registry allows people to sign up to be contacted by researchers who are working on vaccine studies supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).  

Anyone aged 18 or over living in the UK can join the registry, which is a next important step in the fight against COVID-19.  Individuals provide contact details and answer a series of personal and basic health screening questions.  The service is highly secure, with personal details held in a NHS system managed by NHS Digital, the national organisation responsible for IT in the health and social care system.  

Anyone registering their details through the service is not signing up to take part in a specific study. Instead researchers will be able to search for volunteers who have signed up to the service and contact anyone who matches the criteria for their study.  They will provide more information about the study and offer people the opportunity to find out more or express an interest to take part.  

There is no obligation to take part in any study and anyone registering can change their mind and remove their contact details from the registry at any time.  

Professor Jacob George, NHS Tayside Director of Research & Development, said, “We need to successfully demonstrate the safety and efficacy of vaccines in large scale clinical trials in order to make progress in our battle against COVID-19.  I would strongly encourage the people of Tayside to support us in these efforts by joining the vaccine registry.”  

To find out more, please visit  More information about taking part in COVID-19 vaccine research can be found at  

The vaccine registry is being set up nationally at the request of the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce, by the NIHR and NHS Digital.  


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