ANGUSalive – Warning to stay off ice in Country Parks


A warning has been issued for people to stay off the ice at reservoirs and lochs across country parks in Angus.

ANGUSalive’s Countryside Rangers are concerned about public safety as the current cold snap has tempted people to take to the ice and are warning people to stay off the frozen water at Monikie Country Park, Crombie Country Park and Forfar Loch Country Park.

Alan Brennan, Operations Lead at Country Parks, said “The water within the reservoirs at both Monikie and Crombie Country Parks becomes very deep close to the water’s edge and we would ask all members of the public to stay off the ice in any body of water at our country park venues or indeed across Angus.

Water depths in the reservoirs can reach up to 10 metres or 30 feet and the ice is clearly very dangerous and could give way at any time. Anyone on the ice is in serious danger of falling through, putting at risk their own safety as well as that of anyone who may have to go to their rescue.

There are several signs in place warning people to stay off the ice and if any member of the public requires assistance, they should dial 999 for the emergency services.

It is also recommended for the safety of the owners and their dogs, that during periods of ice cover all dogs are kept on a lead when walking near any body of water to reduce the risk of them going on the ice and needing to be rescued.”

ANGUSalive would also like to reiterate that the SSPCA has received more than 70 calls across Scotland in the last few days from concerned members of the public regarding swans they mistakenly fear are stuck in ice on frozen lochs or ponds.

If you are concerned about a swan, or any waterfowl, during icy weather please monitor the bird from a distance. If the bird is there for a number of hours without moving, or appears sick or injured in any way, then please call the SSPCA animal helpline in the first instance on 03000 999 999.

If there is a real concern the SSPCA will contact the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for assistance, whose trained animal rescue officers are able to assess the severity of each situation and gauge if any support is required from other agencies.


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