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Thank you for supporting our waste collection teams

Angus Council wants to say a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting its waste collection staff, through their praise and actions, applause and, of course, an array of fantastic posters and letters.

The teams are working harder than ever to try and complete every round as normal, but the Council realises these are not normal times. Staffing levels continue to be down by about a third, but the regular collection teams have been boosted by agency workers and staff who have been re-deployed from other council departments. With the general population staying at home to Stay Safe, Protect the NHS and Save Lives, it is inevitable that more waste will be heading in to the bin at home.

There’s no disputing that having to spend more time indoors over a long period of time leads to more domestic waste being generated. And yet the indications are that people appear to be trying to help us and keep that waste to a minimum when it comes to kerbside collections.

The vast majority of households are not putting out side waste. Saving space in your bin does require a little extra effort, but it makes all the difference to our staff on the front line. Try to ensure that, wherever possible, The bin lorries have room to work. There are several tight and narrow streets across Angus and collections are made all the more challenging when so many people are at home. Please park responsibly and if you can park off-street on bin collection day, then please do, so our bin lorries can get through.

People can make more space in their bins by:

·                     squashing plastic bottles (squash and put the cap back on).

·                     squashing cans.

·                     flattening cardboard completely and stick it flat down the side of the bin as the bin fills up.

·                     squashing general waste in the kitchen bin. If you don’t want to touch the waste, take an old plastic bag to cover your hand and push down on the bin contents.

Avoid compacting waste into the wheelie bin. That could mean it will not empty properly, leaving a half-empty bin. Waste and recycling advice and information is available on the Council’s Coronavius outbreak: bins and recycling updates webpage.

Please help Angus Council to try to keep to business as usual as much as possible, by putting bins out by 7am on the scheduled day of collection and look out for neighbours – check they are able to put their bins out.

Important guidance for households with possible/confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

Store personal waste (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths securely within disposable rubbish bags. Place these bags into another bag, tie it securely and keep it separate from other waste. Wait at least 72 hours before putting it in the usual external household waste bin.

Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

For more advice on what to do while self-isolating visit the UK government’s website.

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