Angus Council to resume parks, etc, maintenance

Essential maintenance to parks, cemeteries and open spaces across Angus to resume

From Monday, the Council are commencing grass cutting of parks and open spaces using single operator tractor and ride on mower machinery. The use of single operator vehicles will allow our staff to work safely whilst maintaining rules on social distancing.

Maintaining our parks and open spaces will help to allow people to get exercise locally, on a daily basis. 

Please remember, if you are accessing your local green spaces, follow the national guidance and do not allow children or teenagers to use play areas, skate parks and fitness equipment or gather socially, other than in family groups.  These facilities remain closed until further notice.

Only parks and green spaces close to your home should be used for exercising. Please avoid driving to parks and carry any litter home with you.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated to ensure we all stay safe during these unprecedented times.

The guidance remains:

  • One outing for exercise per day – walk, run or cycle, alone or with members of your household
  • Stay local – don’t drive to other areas
  • Keep your distance – stay at least 2m away from other people, but do give a friendly wave.
  • Avoid contact – avoid touching surfaces and use gloves or hand gel if you need to open gates
  • Don’t stop to eat or drink and avoid sitting on benches
  • Dogs – please keep them on a lead or under close control, don’t let them approach other people
  • Take your litter and dog poo bags home with you
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home


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