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All Angus schools are closed today

Bin collections

All scheduled bin collections have been suspended today (10 Feb) due to weather conditions.

Recycling centres

Due to the current conditions all seven recycling centres are closed today (Wed 10 Feb)

Public Transport

Smith & Sons Coaches: Service 30 & 47A are not running 10.2.21

JP Minicoaches: Service 36, 46, 50, 114, 118, 125, 128 & 129 are not running 10.2.21

Moffat & Williamson:     Service 23 running, but cannot serve Gallowshade Estate 10.2.21

                                                Service 78/79 Monikie suspended 10.2.21

                                                Service 30, 31, 51 suspended 10.2.21

                                                Updates available from

Stagecoach: Up to date information available from

Wishart (Friockhiem) Ltd:          Service 81 not running 10.2.21

                                                Service 140/141 trying to run service after 11am 10.2.21

Xplore Dundee: Up to date information available from


Roads team are deployed across the county, focusing first on priority routes and notably to health centres that are administering COVID-19 vaccinations.

Many, if not most, main and more minor roads are affected to some degree as a result of the continuing severe weather.

Current weather conditions are challenging, with frequent, intermittent and heavy snow showers, as well as snowdrift make it difficult  to clear routes and up to now. There is a repeating focus on efforts to clear priority routes using gritters and snow ploughs. At present, all main roads are passable with care and but that is subject to change due to the weather conditions. Where and when possible we will work to clear side roads.

At present we advise people to only travel if absolutely necessary. If you must go out, please prepare for your journey (check tyres, brakes, windscreens, wiper blades and windows free from defects and clean/demisted), make sure your vehicle is clear of snow when you set off and always drive according to conditions.

Be aware road conditions can change without warning and remember stopping distances will be affected by the weather. When the roads are icy, drive at a slow speed in as high a gear as possible, and accelerate and brake very gently.

Stay safe, if you can, stay home.

Road surfaces have been damaged as a result of the severe weather causing potholes in a number of places. We would encourage you to please report any potholes to us via our Report a pothole, street lighting or other road/street issue page.

The snow has had a widespread impact in our roads network and the following was recently confirmed – 

  • U402 Glen Moy (closed)
  • U388 Kilray Hill (closed)
  • B951 Glen Isla (passable)
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