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The Angus Council-operated car park at Lunan Bay is scheduled to re-open this Friday (3 July).

This step will be taken in line with the easing of restrictions with regards to public travel and movement that it is anticipated the Scottish Government will announce tomorrow (Thursday 2 July) and is in agreement with the landowner.

It is not a signal that life has returned to normal and Angus Council would still encourage people to stay within their local area as much as possible for leisure and recreation.

Please bear in mind that the car park has capacity for fewer than 100 vehicles and no other parking is allowed on the approach roads or the farm steading.

Communities Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond said: “The Council together with the landowner took the decision to close the car park a month ago while Scottish Government guidance discouraged people from travelling more than five miles from their home wherever possible.

“Experience showed us that a great many people were perfectly prepared to ignore that guidance, which is extremely disappointing. They put themselves and others at risk during a national emergency, compromised road safety and there were also reports of anti-social behaviour and littering.

“In opening the car park again, we ask people to think of others and exercise some self-restraint during what is a crisis that affects us all.

“Lunan Bay is a true Angus gem and one of the finest beaches to be found anywhere in the world. It will still be there after this emergency has abated, so please think of other others and consider – Do you really need to make that trip to the coast right now?”

If you do go to Lunan Bay, bear in mind that the café and toilets are closed.

Please park responsibly. If the car park is full, don’t park elsewhere but find an alternative destination and return to Lunan Bay another time.

Maintain social distancing.

Use the bins provided (this applies to wherever you find yourself when out and about) or take your litter home with you.

The public car park at Lunan Bay will be open 8am to 9pm. Gates will be closed out with these times and there is strictly no parking overnight.

Coronavirus in Scotland – Stay Safe, Protect Others, Save Lives.

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